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Happiness is one of those topics that get talked about a lot, probably because it’s such an elusive thing. It’s so subjective and everybody has their own opinion of what happiness means to them. Some people believe that material stuff is going to do it for them and bring them more joy, it’s going to make them experience life at a whole different level. Some of the people feel like it is their relationships, if they had that perfect partner, if they had the perfect family, that will bring happiness to their lives, and it’s going to make a huge difference in how they feel about them, themselves and everything around them.

Therein lies the problem because in this society we believe that happiness is external, like things outside of us is what’s going to do the trick for us, that if we acquire more things, that if we get better relationships, that we are in better environments, that we get a better job, that we have more time off, that we have a bigger family, whatever it is, that is actually going to change what’s inside of us.

Happiness is actually a choice, and that’s the first secret I want to share with you today. See, we hear it a lot, but for some reason it just doesn’t click with us, and I’ll tell you why that is. It’s because the brain is always focusing on what’s missing. It somehow excludes everything that we have, everything that we’ve been able to accomplish up until today, and it goes to work on finding what’s missing.

What is the next thing? What is the next step? What is the next goal? What is the next thing that is going to do it for us, that is going to make us happier, that is going to give us that jolt of joy or that quick high. I’m going to tell you a little story about the time when all this stuff started clicking in my head, which is when I started realizing that happiness was actually a choice and my dad had come up for a couple of weeks on vacation, and he was staying with us. We got to talk a lot about all these topics. My dad has always been someone who has been very involved in self-development and in one way or another I’ve always been involved in it because of him. He’s always been talking about it around me and giving advice based on self-awareness and other things. We had a lot of conversations around all these topics during his time up here and one of them was the concept of happiness.

He probably saw certain signs in me that I was focusing too much on what was missing, and he just started the conversation there. My dad made me see everything that I had accomplished up until that moment and where I lived, and the type of job that I had, et cetera, and just started giving me some perspective around the things that I already had. The thing that pretty much cemented the whole thing in my head and what made it click was the fact that the day he left, I took him to the airport, and when I came back home he had printed out in black and white a bunch of the pictures that we took during the two weeks that he was here and placed them in different places that he knew that I would see eventually, like my socks drawer, or in my office, or inside my computer, or on my nightstand, inside my book.

Every single one of these pictures, as I started finding them around the house, they all had a message written on them, and most of them had a message saying happiness is within you. Happiness is your choice. That was the first time that based on all of the conversations that we had, and him leaving that message behind that I still have  with all these different pictures, that kind of emotionally connected the message to our experience together, is what started making the shift in my head.  It wasn’t until many years later that I actually consciously started saying to myself, “I choose to be happy right now.”  “I’m going to stop focusing on what’s missing in my life.” That’s when everything started changing. I started experiencing things completely differently because I had a different perspective about life, about what I was doing for a living, about my goals, my relationship, the place I lived at, et cetera.

Everything started taking a whole new dimension in my head and started making me feel fulfilled because I no longer was focusing on what was missing and I was starting to focus on what I had, what I had accomplished up until today, or that moment, and everything that I already had present in my life, right, that I was paying no attention to, literally. Just because my brain was too focused on what was missing. So I want to encourage you to take a moment to look at your life right now and see what’s present around you, in your relationships, your job, your family, your material stuff. Just look at everything that you have right now.

Now go back to a time when you didn’t have what you have right now, when everything that you have today was exactly what was missing, right? Do you see that gap? You see how you were able to accomplish many of the things that you thought were missing, but you still feel like there’s more to accomplish. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to settle for what you have, and don’t have goals, and don’t go for more things, that’s not what I’m asking.

What I’m telling you is that you, by choosing happiness today with what you have right now, you literally dissolve the feeling of misery, because you don’t have that next car that you want or that bigger house that you dream of, et cetera. You just want to consciously acknowledge the fact that you’re happy today because everything that you have right now is something that you accomplished, okay, it’s something that you, one day, were missing, and now it’s not. So you choose to consciously be present in this moment with what you have and be happy. Then the goal is to stay happy, stay with that feeling until you reach the next goal, but you’re not going to be miserable from today until you hit the next goal, right, that’s what we’re trying to avoid.

What we’re trying to do is for you to learn, to reprogram your mind to be happy in the moment with what it’s  got in the moment, with whatever the situation, whether good or bad. All I want you to do is repeat to yourself, I choose to be happy in this moment. I choose to be happy in this moment. I choose to love my life. I choose to love my job. I choose to love my family, my material stuff, I choose to love and enjoy what I have right now, while I work on the next step. But right now, you have a choice to be happy. Your brain is not allowing you to be that way, to feel that way, because it’s programmed to look at what’s missing, and your job is to turn that around and reprogram your mind just by simply reminding your mind that you are choosing to focus on this moment and to feel great about it.

It doesn’t take very long. Probably after three or four days of repeating that sentence or those concepts to yourself, I choose to be happy in this very moment, I choose to love my life, I choose to love where I’m at, I choose to love my town, I choose to love my car, I choose to love my house, I choose to love my relationships, I choose to love everything that’s happening to me, good or bad, I take it all in and I’m happy for it. Just repeat that to yourself and I promise you that after three or four days, throughout the day things are going to start popping and you’re going to remember that sentence or that affirmation, if you will, or whatever you want to call it. That is the goal with this exercise. So choose to be happy in this moment. Choose to be happy with your life. Choose to be happy with what you have. It is a choice, happiness is a choice.

There’s so many things that we attach to. There’s so many things that we hold on to, so many likes and dislikes. Oh, I didn’t want to eat this, or I didn’t want to eat that, or I didn’t want it in blue, I wanted it in red, things that make us suffer for days, weeks at a time, right, for something so minute. Learn to let go. Just say to yourself, “Is this really important?” It’s not important at all.

I choose to be happy, so go back to secret number one, I choose to be happy in this moment. It doesn’t matter. It’s not going to change my life  if I don’t eat this versus the other, if I got it in red instead of blue. Learn to let go. Just simply let go of whatever happens to you that is really not detrimental to your physicality, or it’s not harmful to you in any way. Just let it go.

Secret number two is to let go. Probably one of the hardest things for us to let go of is what other people think of us. It is a huge one in our society, it’s almost impossible to do. I remember reading a book that my dad recommended. It’s called, “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz. I’ll have a link in the description for you if you’re interested in checking it out and in these four agreements, agreement number two says do not take anything personally. He goes on to explain why we do it, why we care so much, and also what happens when we actually let go of it. That statement just stuck with me and I work at it. Since that day, that’s probably 10 years ago, when I read this book, and to this day I work at it.

It is something super ingrained in our minds, and, by the way, I talk about it at length in my other video, How to Have More Confidence, and I’ll have a link up here for you to check it out a little later. It is something that, if we could just let go, it would free up so much mental anguish, so much anxiety, so much anger and jealousy and envy and all this stuff  because we wouldn’t be acting, we wouldn’t be doing, or even thinking about what other people think of us, or what other people’s expectations of us are. Imagine if you could just eliminate that, if you could just let go, if you could just like agreement number two says, do not take anything personally. People don’t do anything because of you. As a matter of fact, everything that people do has everything to do with what they believe, who they are, their own insecurities, and what they project on you.

If somebody yells at you on the street does that have anything to do with you, I mean, that person doesn’t even know you, right? You will never see that person again. So how is it that someone, just words, sounds traveling in the air have such a huge impact in your life? It’s because of the meaning that you’re giving that situation, those words. The meaning, the programming, that says how is it that this person could say these things to me? Your ego getting involved and so many other things happening, imagine if you could just let go of that.

I’ll give you an example of how this concept has helped me in my own life, and it’s a very  common example I guess. A lot of us go through this. I used to be that type of person who would get so mad if somebody cut me off driving or if I saw somebody flying down the street and putting people in danger because they were reckless in how they were driving. I would just follow them and beep at them and flip them off. One day I realized that person, whatever they’re doing, they’re cutting me off; I don’t know what’s going on in that person’s mind. That person doesn’t know me. I will never see this person ever, ever, ever again in my life. How can I feel whatever they’re doing is so harmful to me, and so how are all these feelings that are being generated from within, this anger towards this person that I don’t even know.

I don’t know what they’re going through, maybe they have an emergency, maybe they really need to get over because that was the exit that they needed to take and whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that by not letting go of that, I am literally giving control to whoever does that to me, over me, over my feelings, my cool, right? I would lose my cool every time somebody did that. One day I decided that this could not be the case anymore. I was choosing my response to these triggers. So that’s what I’m asking you to do, to start choosing your response to these triggers. Whenever something happens that makes you lose your cool, or creates some type of feeling of sadness or anxiety within you, look at that for a moment and realize what it is and what it’s actually doing to you. It’s not killing you, it’s not harming you in any way. It just the way you’re perceiving the situation, how you are reacting to it in a certain way that is completely automatic, like you almost have, you do have control over it but it feels like you had no control over it as it was happening and you just reacted to it because you’ve always reacted that way.

You, at some point in your life, learn to react that way in order to help you cope with the situation, the trigger, whatever is happening at the moment. So most of these triggers that are automatic, that’s what they are, they’re learned behaviors that helped us in the past to cope with a certain situation or navigate a certain experience. If you consciously look at these triggers and then you go ahead and decide to have a specific response, whatever response you would like to have instead, that’s what you’re going to do.  Start programming that in your mind every time, for example, every time somebody cuts me off, this is how I’m going to react. I’m going to say these things to myself, and I’m going to take a deep breath, and I’m just going to choose to let it go. I suggest you do this with as many things as possible, constantly, I still do it to this day with new triggers, new things that I realize, because you’re not exposed to all these things on a daily basis.

Sometimes it’ll be months between triggers. So these are ongoing processes that you need to be aware of, so every time it happens, you take a moment, look at the situation, and then choose a conscious response for the event or the trigger. Nothing can actually make me mad without my permission, and that’s the key. Nothing should actually be able to touch you internally,changing your feelings, your mood, without your permission. Own that and remind yourself of that and let go.

Secret number three is to be grateful. Be grateful for your life, for who you are, for your health, for the things that you have, just be grateful. Look at where you are right now and just say to yourself, “I am grateful for where I am.” “I am grateful that I have food on my table.”

“I am grateful that I have a car” “that I have a home, that I have a job.” “I am grateful for my health, that I’m alive, that I feel great on a daily basis, that I have so much going for me, that I have all these gifts.” Feel grateful for the fact that you can go for bigger and better if that’s what you decide, that you can set goals and achieve them because you have done that a lot.

Just look at your life, and  being grateful is a little different than secret number one which is to choose to be happy. Choose to be happy. You’re consciously deciding to be happy whether you’re going through something good or bad. You’re choosing to be happy in the now, in the moment. Being grateful is more about everything in your life at a spiritual level. The fact that you’re alive, that you have given the gift of life, be grateful that you’re here, that you have the possibility to experience life, to go through life, to go and talk to people, to walk around, to just see places, to hear music, to just be grateful for all these things that give you what you have right now, which is life. Just be grateful.

So let me recap, for a moment, the three secrets for you. Number one, choose to be happy. Tell yourself on a daily basis, if you can, twice a day, morning and night, I choose to be happy in this moment. I choose to love my life. I choose to love what I have. I choose to love my relationships. I choose to be happy this very moment. Like I said before, it doesn’t take long until all these things start clicking in your head and becoming a regular pattern of thinking. Okay, three to four days, believe me, if you do it morning and night, morning and night, morning and night, after three to four or four days, you will start seeing how all these thoughts start popping in your head in the middle of the day.

All of a sudden you’re encountering a certain situation and you have an opportunity to choose what your thoughts are about this situation, whether it’s good or bad, you’re like here it is, I choose to be happy. Secret number two, let go. Let go of your need for things to work out the way you want them to work out. You know that in life sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to work out, right, that it’s just part of life. Let go of the outcome, don’t allow it to make you miserable. I’m not saying settle for it and just leave it alone. I’m saying don’t allow it to  make you miserable in the moment until you work towards getting the outcome that you want. So please just let go of that need. And secret number three, be grateful. Be grateful for your life, for who you are, for what you have, all the resources that are available to you right now, you know, the books, the Internet, your phone, your car, your job, everything that you have right now should be a reason to be grateful for.

So don’t miss what’s happening around you, because your mind wants you to focus on what’s missing. Once you begin this process of choosing consciously to be happy in the moment, to let go of your need for things to work out the way you want them to work out, and to be grateful for everything that is happening to you in this very moment, that’s when, if you start applying this concept, new things will start showing up in your life because new thinking leads to new actions, and these new actions will get you new results that were not there for you before.

These new results are going to start reinforcing these new ideas in your head, and it creates this cycle where the new programming starts taking place on a regular basis, and you get positive results from it, so there’s a feedback mechanism there, and also, at the same time, because you have these new behaviors, this new way of thinking, this new way of acting, et cetera, the old beliefs start just dissolving and disappearing because they’re no longer valid or useful for you in your life. Hope you got a lot of value from this talk today, and that you learn a thing or two and if that’s the case, please subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell to be notified next time there’s a new video available. In the meantime, go check out these two videos right here, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of value from them. Till next time, I wish you all the best. Let’s get out there and start changing lives, one session at a time. See ya.

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